Introducing: Esther

Allow me to introduce, “Esther” and her moment captured in clay entitled, “Hope in the waiting.”

My goal as a Christian artist is to capture faith-filled moments in clay that evoke positive emotions and gentle remembrance of a person whose faith touched the lives of those whose paths they crossed, even if momentarily.  The particular moment embodied in this piece is that of hope while doing one of life’s hardest act of obedience…waiting.  

While reading this particular Psalm from the Passion Translation, I was especially touched by verse 5 of David’s soliloquy to the Father:

“This is why I wait upon you, expecting your breakthrough, for your word brings me hope.” — Psalm 130:5

 It caused me to recall childhood memories of seeing my grandmother and mother sitting quiet but contemplative – deep in prayer. Their bibles beside them or opened to specific verses, I knew they were not to be disturbed as that moment within the chair was hallowed ground where cares, fears and hopes were conveyed in fervent prayer with expectation for breakthroughs.

As a child viewing these journeys in prayer, I often wondered what would come next.  As if passed from one generation to another, I recall each of them surrendering to the yielding comfort of their chair’s embrace where they surrendered burdens, quieted their fears, and assured their hearts of the ‘Hope’ that awaited them in the waiting.  As an adult, I now relate to their journeys in prayer as I surrender to ‘Hope’ in my own life’s journey as I wait with great expectation of God’s mercy and grace.

I hope that Esther generates a movement within your heart and mind as you view her moment captured in clay of  ‘Hope’ in the waiting.  Feel free to share your thoughts on your life’s journeys in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

This sculpture of Esther is available for purchase. Please use my contact page to get in touch with me.


  • GildaJ

    I am touched by your work Jackie. Your hands are anointed. Esther is every one of us who looks to the Lord for guidance. My mother often would say, “If you don’t know what to do, be silent and do nothing until you hear His word.” Esther is a beautiful reminder of those words for me.

    • JackieD

      Dear Gilda, thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am so blessed by your words of wisdom that your Mother shared with you. I will do my best to wisely follow her advice. Much love to you and yours, my friend. Jackie

  • Alice

    You know how I feel about this one, fell in love with her even before you were finished, you’d barely begun! And, God thru Esther, has knit our hearts together in sweet, treasured friendship that just keeps growing, just like Esther’s relationship to the Father has unfolded. She speaks so much volume with just a look. I keep finding little treasure messages she has created with the Creator! Breathtaking, stunningly inspring! Such a joy Ms. Esther surely is! Hugs

    • JackieD

      Thank you, my friend. We’ve definitely been on a journey with Ms. Esther’s creation. What a blessing it has been to come together as sister-n-Christ over clay! 🙂 I pray that we continue to sharpen each other in God’s Word as our friendship continues to thrive and grow in grace and love. Hugs and more!

  • Tee

    This is so very nice! Miss Esther knows what she is waiting for and has confidence that she will receive the answers to her prayers. You mastered every detail, even down to her little socks! I love your work, it strikes a familiar chord in my life experience of people I have known as a child – bringing back precious memories. Thank you Jackie for sharing the tremendous gift God has given you!

    • JackieD

      Thank you dear friend. I’m so glad that it strikes a familiar chord that is positive and fills you with good memories that are restorative. I so appreciate your encouragement.

  • Jeanitajj

    I’ll admit that I’m not the most patient person, and that waiting is hard for me. There are so many things I desire, and I find myself wanting them NOW. I get frustrated and agitated when things aren’t moving along fast enough. But looking at Esther’s face I see so much peace there…and quiet serenity. Esther can teach all of us a lesson in patience, and hope while waiting. She doesn’t look worried at all. And she seems to have a level of confidence that the thing(s) she’s waiting for will come in the by and by. I think I’ll take my cue from Esther, and settle back and wait for the things I’m hoping for to come to pass. Because my hope is in God’s ability to do the things He said He will do. It’s in His timing, not mine. Patience…

    • JackieD

      I agree with you totally. Patience, trust, waiting….not my cup of tea. However, as a follower of Jesus Christ, it’s a necessary skillset for victory in this life, which is why the Father takes us through trials to develop these gifts for His purposes and plans. When I created her face, I wanted it to express a resolute faith and focus on God versus the fears and cares driving her to prayer. I placed the yarn in her lap and knitting needles nearby as often the Father gives us things to help us focus and transform nervous energy into something useful. I’m sure her knitting needles are pretty worn as well. I, too, hope that I can take a cue from this piece that inspires me to be still and know that He is God in the midst of my temper tantrum fueled by impatience. The scripture states that David’s hope was in God’s Word and that knowledge allowed him to wait with great expectation of what God would do on his behalf. It’s so comforting to truly ingest that within our spirits in times of a storm. I guess that’s why Esther’s face was not troubled. She had truly mastered the art of waiting under God’s peace in the midst of it all.
      Thanks so much for sharing a portion of your journey.