Introducing: “Shhh…Big Mama’s Praying!”

Each time I begin a new journey in clay, I’m constantly questioning my ability to start and complete the vision of the piece that’s in my head.   In my hesitation, I’m drawn to God’s Word to find strength and direction on next steps.  I often sit quietly and think of the person or persons whose journey of faith influenced my own journey of faith.  

In this instance, the memory of my grandmother (who we called “Big Mama”) praying came across my mind. Even as a small child, it was an unwritten rule that all activities stopped in the household while she prayed. There was a sense of reverence in the monologue of spoken words and groans uttered from within her heart.

Even in my ignorance, I could sense an adoration of His word as she prayed His promises of provision, protection, peace, and love back to His listening heart.  To my young heart when Big Mama prayed the whole world was silenced by her soliloquy of praise. Such a marvelous mystery….

There are phrases of praise that were left as a legacy to my listening ears that I now utter in my dance with the Father. I’m often startled when I hear them come from within my inner storehouse and then smile in remembrance of this grand woman of faith.

As I sculpted her searching face, I whispered, “Shhhh…Big Mama’s praying.”

Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than me.  Psalm 61

This sculpture of “Shhh…Big Mama’s Praying” is available for purchase. Please contact me for more information.


  • Jeanitajj

    Wow, Jackie. I love this. I think everybody needs a Big Mama. A praying mama who can get a prayer through.

    Big Mama looks like she will nourish you physically and then nourish you spiritually. I think if everyone had a Big Mama to guide them this world would be a better place to live…for all, not just the few.

    God has really gifted you with insight, vision and with gifted hands. I thank God for you sharing your gift with us. May God continue to bless you as you pour your gift out to the world. ??

    • JackieD

      Hello my dear friend. So good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here on the site. I agree totally that the world would definitely be a better place if we had praying and caring grandmothers beseeching heaven on behalf of their children and grandchildren. I know that we have these types of grandmothers in the world and many are blessed to have them in their family circle just as I was. I’m still blessed by having a praying mother and sisters in my life for which I am very grateful! I will continue to create works of art that bless His children and exalt His name. Looking forward to our next chat, my friend. Hugs, Jackie