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Who Am I?

I am Jackie Darling, a woman of faith, a mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt, and daughter, which is a composite of many journeys both high and low and falls both great and small.  Out of this, I’ve been inspired to produce sculptures of faith, hope, love, and joy that inspires the soul of those viewing it.

My goal as a self-taught artist is to capture in clay a moment of grace, a time of thanksgiving or a face of hope. The goal being to inspire, comfort, and stir memories of familial legacies long forgotten.  The crevice lines that grace the faces of my art represent the faith, strength, and endurance to run a path in the journey of life. 

In doing so, I hope to stir memories long forgotten that helped to shape the core of our faith within the African-American diaspora.

Most of my creations or characters are of the elderly for whom I have great respect and kinship towards being not too far removed myself. I seek to highlight their grace and peace on the faces of my sculpture that capture the essence of lives well-lived and worthy of crowns well-deserved. I seek to honor those who left us familial legacies of faith, songs and recited prayers captured now in clay.

The formation of each new clay creation begins with an acknowledgement on the rules of the journey, which always consists of my Heavenly Father (De’Lawd) leading me through an intimate journey of listening, surrendering, and quiet guidance. Being a self-taught artist, I am constantly learning skills of the trade with each new adventure!

I hope that you will join me on the journey of my future creations. I’ll share pictures of their various stages of development and the wisdom gained through surrendering my hands to the Father’s vision for the clay and final piece. In turn, you’ll have an opportunity to share your comments along the journey of each new piece.

Your presence is always welcomed like a good cup of coffee with a good, kind and gentle friend.