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Welcome to my blog. If you’ve come to this page, you’re curious about pricing and purchasing one of the pieces.

Why don’t I have prices listed on the blog?  The purpose of the blog has two key objectives. Making the art available is only one of them. The other is to have a platform for conversations about the pieces and allow us to share an encouraging thought or to be encouraged by those left by others.

Your privacy is important to me, so I’d prefer to discuss purchase options and payment plans directly with you. Don’t be afraid to ask…you might be surprised and blessed.

How do I go about contacting you? Please use the form on this page. I will not sell or publish any of your information. I’m asking solely to have an opportunity to contact you regarding your interest in purchasing one of my sculptures.

How quickly will I receive a response? I have notifications set on the blog to alert me whenever there is a new comment or email request sent from the blog. I’ll respond within 24 hours to those who have reached out to me.

Thank you for viewing my blog, leaving a comment, or sharing your interest in purchasing a piece. I hope you’ll subscribe to receive notifications whenever new pieces or comments are added so that you can stay abreast of our discussions.

Come back soon, my friend.

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